AACI Asian Women’s Home Thanks Midori Kai

September 20, 2014


We would like to extend our sincere thanks for Midori Kai’s continuous support throughout the years. Since 2011, Midori Kai has been a most loyal and critical partner in our shared work to improve the lives of our most vulnerable residents.

One of our staff accepted the award for 2014-2015 and gave a surprise appreciation gift for our generous donor in return. It was a handmade paper flower arrangement from our volunteers and survivors of domestic violence. The humanoid shaped plants from the Flower People Art Project were organized decoratively in a wooden box that read, “Thank you for helping us grow!” Midori Kai’s support has been invaluable to our program and the thousands of clients who were able to escape from domestic abuse because of their contributions to our emergency shelter and other crucial services to victims of domestic violence.

(Photo Credit: Melissa Luke)